Cmpndm Theme

Cmpndm Theme

This is Cmpndm, based on the theme from Kingdom News.

Fun features:

Options & Tid-Bits:

  • Customize the background color, top border color and the colors of the header triangles.
  • Infinite Scrolling!
  • The footer triangles are randomly generated from a list of HEX colors, so you can keep on adding and adding to that.
  • Choose to have the index page displayed in multiple columns or not. The number of columns depend on the width of the user’s window. Most people will see two columns. The entire layout will dynamically change on window resizing.
  • Option to Album Art on audio posts (when the audio files support it).
  • Option to show Tags after posts.
  • Pages are listed in the header
  • The Blog Description goes in the footer.

Cmpndm now supports infinite scrolling. Just go to the Appearance options and turn it on… or off.